Monday, October 6, 2008

Inside the debate hall

Here's a sneak peek inside the debate hall this morning, with Belmont volunteers serving as mock town hall participants. The best question I heard: "Are you allergic to shellfish?"

(When the camera pans to the right, you'll see a glimpse of Bill Schneider of CNN.)


Peggy said...

Why doesn't anyone ask Obama about Rezco a notorious slumlord and one of his his top Campaign contributors the person who's wife purchased the land next to Obamas home in Chicago a purchase that allowed Obama to acquire the VERY NICE HOUSE he now owns. Why don't they ask him why he didn't pick up the phone and call Rezco and say hey Tony you've got the people who elected me living in third world condiditons what are you going to do about it, or is Rezco someone he just knew but wasn't really friends with like Ayres. Ayres who Obama sat on a board who's very group espousing to improve the conditions of schools in Chicago but whose true mission was to radicalize the students they espoused to help.
Why doesn't anyone ask about Obama who worked as a Lawyer and trainer for Acorn, about Acorn, a radical group who espouses the teachings of Saul Alinsky who's idea was to infiltrate the Government and destroy it from within. As a lawyer he represented Acorn in a lawsuit instrumental in the forcing of banks to write bad loans.
Acorn forced banks to give risky loans to uncreditworthy people with no money down, ie no vested interest. People with no real vested interest buy property increasing the price of real estate creating the housing bubble, and while artifially inflating the value of real estate which also increased your property tax. The republicans fought over and over for more regulation and oversight, but Andrew Mozillo, Countrywide/ Raines & Johnson of Fannie Mae along with their Counterparts and reciepients of the largest campaign contributions who are supposed to work for you the people not Fannie Mae, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, in fact all the Democratic Memebers of Congress voted against it. So Fannie sells these worthless mortgages to the Stock market and now we have a Crisis. The bad loans that should not have been made are being forclosed on and those foreclosures have now driven down the value of your property. Who wins Jim Johnson/Franklin Raines who made millions from Fannie Mae & The recipients of campaign contribushions , Dodd , Obama, Frank, Angelo Mozilo owner of Countrywide who did his bailout by selling his stock before things really got bad THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN PRISON. Who are the losers, You the American Taxpayer who has to pay for the Bailout that the Dems not only rushed to push through, (Jeez they wanted to help a Lame Duck Republican President) .We can blame it on Wall Street Greed like any one who buys an investment they bought it in droves because they were led to believe it was sound and insured . And now your Retirement Fund your 401K is not worth S***, So when you open your earnings report and go to vote in Nov. remember who got you into this mess. Loosers Americant Taxpayers who elected theses idiots.

I have heard Obama described as the Manchurian Candidate I see him as a Trojan Horse.

splook said...

I'm with you all the way, Peggy!

excellent points made!

ryanfbaker said...

nobody's buying your crap peggy. stop posting it everywhere. don't you feel a bit ashamed that you have to resort to these antics? can't win on the issues?

Actually, never mind - keep posting it. It reminds people of how desperate and how nuts you people are.