Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A quick moment of jealousy

Belmont University began notifying students last night who had been drawn in the ticket lottery, and the number of tickets available ended up being much larger than the 50 or so that the school initially expected – even though spokesman Greg Pillon said the school still doesn’t know how many there are.

I had heard of students getting tickets with numbers as low as 184, but then I got a call from my brother, a junior at Belmont (to be clear, I don’t use him as a source, either on or off the record). He had a debate ticket somewhere in the 240s – or worse – and was practically guaranteed to be on the outside looking in.

Well, he’s in. And I’m stuck in the media tent. Come on!

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Nate Baker (Natene.ws) said...

I wonder how many had to decline since it's Fall Break...