Friday, October 3, 2008

Morning Links: VP candidates meet low expectations

Sounds like the verdict is in from last night's vice-presidential debate: not terrible! Both had their slip-ups and their misleading statements, but Republicans seemed satisfied that Palin didn't bonk, and Democrats seem satisfied she didn't soar. Best line of the night goes to Biden's "Bridge to Nowhere" comment; Dems seemed so happy that it's already an ad!

I was at the Lipscomb University debate watch party last night, and while not there as an official journalist-type, there were some pretty interesting reactions from the crowd via their clicker-vote system. A few mental notes:

After the debate, the split was down the middle as to who won the debate. I believe McCain-Palin had about a 6-point lead among the voters (about 75) after the debate, which is probably in line with the traditionally conservative campus.

One of the more lopsided votes: viewers went 80-20 for Biden on who they though has better foreign policy knowledge. On domestic policy, they went 51-49 Palin.

It should be noted that both before and after the debate, the vast majority of voters said that the debate would have no effect on who they voted for. Sounds about right.

And in perhaps the most thought-provoking vote, viewers were asked of the four candidates who they felt was most like themselves. The leaders? Sarah Palin ... and Joe Biden. Each received about a third of the vote.

(Photo credit: Rick Wilking/Associated Press)

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