Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Morning Links: The morning after

The debate is over, and the scorecards are in: both guys did OK. All of the headlines are about the economy, of course -- although does it say something about us when we think it's important they didn't screw up that much? (P.S. They did both stretch the truth, with McCain outpacing Obama.)

So now what happens? Well, the massive tear-down process begins at Belmont, which normally would take half the time as the setup without our newfound floodwaters. The school will have to totally re-sod the soccer field where the media tent sits, and classes will start back tomorrow.

And as for the candidates, they'll be at Hofstra University one week from today for their final debate, this time on domestic policy. Maybe by that time, the economy will have hit rock bottom.


Tom Brokaw wasn't taking any guff, although some thought he came off a little rude.

(Photo credit: Billy Kingsley/The Tennessean)

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