Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning Links: D-Day

It's here
, it's here, it's finally here! It's Debate Day, and I'm getting ready to dive into the campus for the day/afternoon/evening/night (and I would be there earlier, except my computer decided to die on me this morning). But what, pray tell, are our fine Middle Tennessee voters going to talk about? Well, at least one of them wants to know about nuclear proliferation (second item down), but I'm betting that little tanker known as our economy could spark a few questions.

Anyway, if the rain holds off, you'll have plenty of debate-related events and watch parties to attend today. I suggest hitting the Belmont block party early and stopping by the news outlets during the afternoon, and then cruising (or, if you're near Belmont, walking) through the different watch parties.


On the day of the debate, our own Clay Carey profiled Tennessee's politics in USA Today

Did you wake up before the crack of dawn to see John Rich? Me neither -- but my colleague Anne Paine did, and so apparently did a lot of Obama supporters. I bet that made him happy.

(Photo credit: Billy Kingsley/The Tennessean)

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