Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's in the bag

It's no secret that the most important question to media members during the debates is "What swag are we getting?" So, dear national media colleagues, here is a rundown of what you'll see in your goodie bag next week:

- Belmont University Debate08 T-shirt
- Chicago Climate Exchange certificate from Polar Technology to offset carbon emissions from flying to Nashville
- USB drive with information on the debate, attached to a Porridge Papers seed tag that contains wildflower seeds (the card itself can be planted ... wonder if Belmont has been using these on its campus?)
- Bottled water (not so green)
- Moon Pie
- Goo Goo Cluster
- M&Ms
- Tennessee Tea Cake
- Hatch Show Print commemorative debate print (probably the coolest thing in the bag)
- HCA pen and notepad (not suitable for writing prescriptions)
- Nashville tourism guide
- Christmas at Belmont DVD
- Various Belmont promotional material, including a card for Bob and Judy Fisher's book, "Life is a Gift"
- Macy's savings pass
- Debate08 and "Nashville" pins
- Debate programming guide
- Various sponsor brochures

What do you think should have been included? I could definitely have used some Yazoo brew, but I'm guessing Anheuser Busch would have nixed it.

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