Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Question of the Day: How does the ticket lottery work?

We'll be bringing you a question each day from Belmont students and members of the community about different aspects of the debate, and the answer from Belmont. Today's question comes from Belmont freshman Sara Hissner:

The lottery, which was held last week, drew about 1,200 students who were randomly assigned a number, according to Belmont vice president Bo Thomas. Those students won't know if they're selected until just a couple of days before the debate, when the Commission on Presidential Debates hands over any available tickets -- probably less than 50 -- to Belmont.

Hissner, who said she has a number in the 600s, had heard that the numbers drawn might have another number added to them -- for instance, the number 20 could have a "2" placed before it, meaning the student assigned number 220 would receive a ticket. Thomas said he had not heard anything to that effect, and expected the tickets to go in sequential order to students, beginning with the lucky person assigned number 1. The smallest number I've heard so far from a student? 25.

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cwisertiger said...

it works like this: you place your future hopes of wealth and grandeur into the 4 dollars you spend on powerball quickpicks, and the state capitalizes on your pipe dream by aiding kids pay for college...pretty simple