Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Links: Late-night special

Part of John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign included canceling on David Letterman, whose show was scheduled to tape just a few hours after the announcement. Letterman, who earlier this week had Chris Rock calling out Bill Clinton, didn't take the cancellation lightly, especially after finding out McCain was then doing an interview with Katie Couric at the same time as Letterman's taping. Below, you can watch the entire skewering, as well as Letterman's second thrust -- having MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann on in McCain's place:

Now, the most interesting thing Olbermann says is that McCain's move to delay Friday's Ole Miss debate was a ploy to get the vice-presidential debate canceled, and thereby continue Sarah Palin's media protection plan. (Palin also showed up with Couric, and reviews were not kind.)

Being of a particular political mindset, Olbermann doesn't lend himself as the most credible source on McCain's campaign ... until McCain adviser Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed almost the exact scenario Olbermann discussed. Under Graham's proposal, the first presidential debate would be moved to Oct. 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, and the VP debate would be rescheduled and held at Ole Miss. If the Ole Miss folks weren't happy yesterday, they'll be livid if this goes through.


Bill Clinton makes sure he mentions Barack Obama's name to Jon Stewart.

Ole Miss keeps chugging along, as does Belmont.


Shimm said...

Meh...a nonstory. Letterman's political leanings are no secret as he's been attacking McCain for months now. Apparently race and weight jokes are faux pas now, so he's resorted to age discrimination and ridicule. Did he schedule Olbermann on the same night as McCain or was Olbermann a fill in? Regardless, Olbermann makes Rush Limbaugh look like a moderate. The leftest leaning douchenozzle on TV right now would be expected to skewer McCain...and be cheered on by a television host that should have been replaced over a decade ago.

Tom Wills said...

McCain is only following the Karl Rove playbook. Should he be elected, he will make an incompetent president. He is using his maverick image to get elected, but it is just an image. While he thinks he alone has power to solve any crisis and to mediate any problem, he is really just a pawn of the republican power brokers. His running mate is even more deluded. She thinks in step with Bush and Cheney and we know what that looks like: A frightened deer hunter in headlights with a gun pointed at an innocent country.

He did not appear on Letterman because his campaign is slowing and he didn't want the heat. Same with ducking the debate.