Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning Links: Energy, swine and a candidate who's not

This morning USA Today outlines the candidates' stances on energy issues from oil drilling to global warming, topics that will almost certainly come up during the presidential debates. Reading through their proposals, the real issue in all of their initiatives is a different type of "green:" how much their ideas would cost.


Pig, no pig, bacon: The flap continues over Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comment.
And now for the issues: The candidates get mad about education ... well, more over an ad about it, but still.
Another candidate quiz: This time from the Washington Post. Note that, according to WashPo, Hilary Clinton is still in the running!
But they don't vote: Europeans like Obama, although they don't like us much in general.

(Photo credit: Samuel M. Simpkins/The Tennessean)


yqgpxhm said...

Leave it to the Republicans to fabricate a false issue to create a controversy and a division among the American people. The only way that they can win elections is to create diversions, deceptions, and devisive issues. (so far, it has worked pretty good ... too bad it does not influence the election of REAL leaders)

Juan Iota said...

Leave it to liberal Democrats to launch smear campaigns and then whine like pathetic little "victims" when they get the same treatment. I havent voted my party line in over twenty years because my loyalty is to my country, not to any political party. That being said, Id rather drink a nice tall glass of draino than align myself with pretzel logic democrats.

"party polics" in general is idiocy. The best person for the job, is who should be getting the votes. The puppet masters have us all jumping around arguing like imbeciles, and in the end its two sides of the same coin.

Wake up America, time is short.