Friday, September 19, 2008

Lunchtime links: It's the stupid economy, stupid

It should be no surprise that the presidential candidates are chatting it up about the economy this week, although they seem more focused on going after each other's plans (and their ads) than discussing their own (although we at least know McCain would fire somebody). Let's see if that changes today.

Meanwhile, the campaigns thank you for your donations, Wall Street!

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NationInPeril said...

According to the Research 2000 daily tracking poll--which is conducted for the liberal blog DailyKos by a nonpartisan firm that ranks as *one of the most accurate in the field* --Palin's favorability rating has been steadily declining since Sept. 11, when it topped out at 52 percent favorable / 35 percent unfavorable (+17).
ON MONDAY, Palin's positives and negatives flatlined; by this morning, more respondents disapproved (46 percent) than approved (42 percent) of the Republican vice-presidential nominee.
Lest you discount a poll commissioned by a Democratic organization--and something tells me that many of you will--the latest survey from CBS News and the New York Times shows a similar decline. On Sept. 8, Palin boasted a 44-22 favorable-unfavorable rating.
Today, her split is 40-30. That's the exact same net swing of -12 points found in the Diageo/Hotline poll.
Some have said not to focus on her, only McCain. But the media has been doings it's job reporting on her record, NOT TABLOID STUFF. So don't give me that "media relentless attack on Palin" Maybe the tabloids are getting personal but not the main media.
It really is ok to focus on the VP candidate. Voters are finally offended by the crap the McCain/Palin ticket is putting out there. Everyone can see that she has no substance and has not answered any questions about her record or her qualifictions except "I'm ready" "I'm gonna shake things up" You can see Russia from our shorelines therefore I have extensive foreign policy experience" Their intelligence has been insulted by this nonsense.
Wait for the debates. Let's see how well her Cliff Notes work with that format. The numbers will be interesting that week.