Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning Links: When e-mail becomes we-mail

Well, I'm back on Belmont's campus today after a week in New York (including a stop at Hofstra University, the site of the final presidential debate -- more on that later today), and the talk of the city was Wall Street's continued tremors. That means you'll start hearing a lot more about the economy from the candidates, too, even if they don't know that much.

Meanwhile, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has a whole other problem on her hands: the hacking of her personal e-mail account. Now the Secret Service and the FBI are interested, likely both for privacy/safety reasons and previous evidence of her use of private e-mail for government-related matters. Maybe, Time magazine says, McCain should stick with his online ignorance (regardless of whether he helped invent the BlackBerry).


McCain and Obama's pledges to battle earmarks could hurt their political chances in states like West Virginia.

Pollsters say voters believe policy change is more likely from Obama than McCain.

(Photo credit: Richard Drew/Associated Press)

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