Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, the Spackle is still showing and we have to add indoor plumbing, but you've come across The Tennessean's home for coverage of the 2008 Presidential Town Hall Debate at Belmont University. Over the next month I'll be guiding you through the ins and outs of the planning, events and debates surrounding the debate. This bad boy is meant to be as interactive as possible, so chime in early and often. If there's something in particular you want to see, let me know either through the comments or by e-mailing me at ccsledge-at-tennessean-dot-com (sorry, trying to throw off the spammers). For now, here are a few links to get us started, and you'll be seeing much more going up tonight and in the days to come. Let the great debate begin!

Belmont University's official debate Web site
Events surrounding Debate '08
The Tennessean Politics Blog
The Tennessean Education Blog

And in case you're curious about what the other schools are doing for their debates:

University of Mississippi Presidential Debate (Sept. 26)
Washington University in St. Louis Vice Presidential Debate (Oct. 2)
Hofstra University Presidential Debate (Oct. 15)

(Photo credit: Armando Sanchez/The Tennessean)

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