Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morning Links: Chris Rock fact-checks Clinton

Barack Obama did win the Democratic nomination, as Chris Rock reminds us.

President Clinton showed up on Letterman last night and talked at length about the economy and the race, seeming curiously bipartisan and mentioning his wife more than a few times. Unfortunately, CBS decided to put up the most uninteresting part of the show, but it was perfect Clinton: reassuring the people, even saying that he thought now is "a great time to be president" ... in the midst of war and a failing economy.

Then Chris Rock came out and reminded Clinton -- who had already left the stage -- that his wife actually lost the Democratic primary, "and is it me, or he didn't want to say the name Barack Obama?" And he was more or less right. Watch below!

"She lost to a black guy nobody knew. She didn't lose to The Power," Rock said. And Letterman looked kinda uncomfortable and pleased with himself at the same time.


In the ongoing Palin e-mail saga, it appears David Kernell really didn't know what he was getting himself into when he accessed the Republican vice presidential candidate's personal e-mail. His lawyer describes Kernell as a "decent and intelligent young man," and his father, state Rep. Mike Kernell, is described as a straight-laced politician.

He "is your quintessential Boy Scout," said state Rep. John DeBerry, another Democrat. "If Mike had known anything about this, he would have had a fit on his son."

Something tells me that by now, he has had a fit and then some.


Unsurprisingly, Obama's candidacy has heightened election interest among African-Americans, and has reminded us all about racism.

The NYTimes compares McCain's "scrappy" debate style with Obama's "tendency to overintellectualize."

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gb2k said...

'reminded us all of racism'? Isn't it kinda racist for Rock to say she lost to a 'black guy'? Obama is mixed, not black. And it's pretty racist to call him one!