Monday, September 8, 2008

MySpace tapped to collect presidential debate questions

A reader asks how to get an "internet question" to the candidates for the Belmont debate if you're not chosen by Gallup.

Here's the deal: The Commission on Presidential Debates, which puts on all of the debates, and MySpace, have a deal to create content and stream all of the debates live at The site, which has little more than a press release up right now, will be the only way to submit questions for the candidates. NBC special correspondent Tom Brokaw, who will moderate the Belmont debate, will then choose which questions make it to the candidates.

In order to submit a questions, I'm betting you'll have to have a free MySpace account. The CPD did not have a launch date for when I called this morning, but said the site will be up before the Sept. 26 debate at the University of Mississippi.

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