Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Great Zoro

I spoke last night with Zoro, the world-renowned drummer who will play Monday night at Belmont's Massey Hall. If you think you've seen him before, you probably have: He's the drummer for guitarist Lenny Kravitz, among countless other gigs.

He's also an adjunct professor at Belmont, a task he took on after moving to Nashville from L.A. about a year ago. Zoro --who won't reveal his full name because "it's been so long that no one knows anymore" -- will showcase a range of American music, from jazz to U.S. takes on Latin and calypso grooves, with the help of Belmont students.

"We are one of the most creative nations on the planet because we’ve had that freedom of expression," he said. "It has caused us to take things to a whole new level. We’re a great nation of people who can teach others those skills."

Those skills are showcased in this 2006 clip ... around the 3:00 mark, it gets pretty ridiculous.

The free concert, scheduled to run from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, is just one example of how Belmont is using music -- the lifeblood of the school and the city -- to try to interest students in the debate and the election. More from my interview with Zoro later on.

(Photo courtesy of Zoro the Drummer)

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