Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Debate: Whose Logo Will Capture America's Heart and Eyeballs?

So I thought we could get some friendly competition (read: shameless, cutthroat argument) started among the debate sites by introducing our first debate question: Which school's debate logo is the best? Now, "best" could mean anything by most patriotic to most pleasing to high-minded media outlets who like to pontificate about such things. Below are the logos, in chronological order of the debates, with careful, thoughtful analysis attached:

The University of Mississippi (Sept. 26):

Ole Miss does a fine job of incorporating the school's logo representing The Lyceum, the oldest building on campus (or so says Wikipedia). It switches the colors, however, turning the logo from red to blue. Hints of an Obama victory? Not likely! Also, I'm not sure what the four stars represent: The four debates? The four years in a presidential term? The four S's and four I's in "Mississippi"? The school should have to answer these tough questions! They probably won't, though, given that I'm close to violating their sunshine-and-rainbows policy that states, "logos provided should only be used to reflect a positive image of The University of Mississippi® Presidential Debate." Yeesh, thanks for the ringing endorsement of free speech regarding a debate.

Washington University in St. Louis (VP debate, Oct. 2):
See below.

Belmont University (Oct. 7):

By far the most stately of the logos, Belmont means business (and as we know, presidential campaigns are made of serious stuff!). Points to the attempt to make the flag image actually look like the real thing, but negative points for 15 1/2 stripes! Are they trying to give a preview of what the flag would have looked like if the Union had stopped at Tennessee (and only half, at that!)? However, points reinstated for using three stars, an obvious homage to the state flag and our three grand divisions. Or maybe it's referring to the third debate. At least it makes sense -- and is easily available to download, unlike WUSL's rendition, which looks distinctly Puerto Rican.

Hofstra University (Oct. 15):

Now here's a mind-boggler: The red is on the left, and the blue is on the right. It doesn't match the flag, it doesn't adhere to conventional party-color associations -- it's truly independent! Also, note how the star subtly points to the "Presidential Debate" line, serving as a helpful guide to reading left-to-right. Thanks, institution of higher education! I would say, however, that placing your big-time campus event in lower-case letters might not be the best idea ... unless you're trying to say that the event is secondary to the issues discussed ... man, this is deeper than I thought.

So there it is: It's up to you, dear readers, to decide which graphic design movement you will support! Don't take your position lightly -- after all, we've argued vehemently over less!

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Daniella said...

I personally like the Ole Miss logo the best. I think Hofstra's is the worst. The blue star reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys' star and I really don't like how "debate" is in lower-case. That's my opinion. I figured I'd give one since nobody else has!!