Thursday, September 11, 2008

Question of the Day: What about dorm searches?

We'll be bringing you a question each day from Belmont students and members of the community about different aspects of the debate, and the answer from Belmont. Today's question comes from Belmont freshman Jesse Johnson:

A: Well, there's not really a complete answer for this one -- at least, not one Belmont administrators say they know about. Pamela Johnson, Belmont's debate coordinator, said the Secret Service typically doesn't discuss security measures, for reasons related to, well, security. According to an e-mail to students over the summer, dorms will be subject to search at any time during a 48-hour period from Oct. 5 until Oct. 7, the day of the debate. In other words, for students on campus during the debate weekend, expect your room to be searched at any time -- so make sure you pick up after yourself!

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